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Hey! I’m a senior year physics and mathematics double major undergraduate at the University of California San Diego. This website is for the hosting of my own projects, tutorials, papers, and popular science writing. I’m always looking for input, so I'd love to hear from you if you have questions, suggestions, or project ideas! You can contact me at , or add me on google+. For a portfolio of programs I've made, please visit the programs page. For a list of most of the images on this site, view the image directory. I’m at the final stages of my undergraduate education, and have passed five graduate level physics courses to date. I started my education at San Diego Miramar College, and transferred to UCSD under the UniversityLink agreement, which I highly recommend.

If you can't locate a program or it's source code, contact me and I can upload it in no time.

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UCSD (2014 - Present)

  • Physics and Mathematics Double Major
  • Physical Sciences Undergraduate Award for Excellence — Barbara Barkovich Award
  • Provost Honors (All quarters)
  • 3.86 GPA (16 A+ grades, 7 A grades)

Wolfram Science Summer School (2013)

Miramar College (2011 - 2014)

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